Calcinato buildings

Architectural elements characteristic of the XV-XVI-XVII centuries that are found in the buildings of the historical center

Calcinato buildings

House in via S. Germano 3: (XVII century) It ‘a kind of seventeenth-century building, poorly built (all the buildings in the village, except the parish give the impression of having been made with meager resources); the windows of the body in the morning have the frame with small drafts; on the other hand, there is almost a reminder that there lived a noble lord, a large stone portal that leads into a forepart beyond which opens the courtyard on which the house with six arches of portico with pillared pillars opens. Perhaps it is the house owned by Ugolino Palazzi then passed to the Briggia as well as denouncing Gottardo (No. 1616) q. Gio. Giacomo. As we already said, he was the son of Leandro and lived in Brescia in the district of C. Marta; Gottardo’s wife was Lucia Poepagni, an ancient Brescian nobility who had brought him a house near this one of the Palazzi. Gottardo had four sons, of whom Leonardo became a priest and Gio. Giacomo (n.1634) married Giulia Luzzago from whom he had Gottardo (n.1691) and with these the branch became extinct: the non-fat assets passed to the other branch : it was about this house, that of Brescia, of a ronco in Valtavareda with 12 piò and about sixty more in Calcinato.

House in via S. Germano 9: (XVII century) Another loggia similar to that of No. 17

House in via S. Germano 17: (XVII century) In the inside rustic loggia of five small arches with stone pillars.

Calcinato buildings – Historical sources Fausto Lechi, “Dimore Bresciane, in cinque secoli di storia”