Carzago Castle

Carzago Castle of the fraction of Calvagese della Riviera

Carzago Castle it is a small castle that rises above a slight rise of the ground between the houses of the village. The plant, clearly outlined on the map of the Italic kingdom, is still available because the walls are always existing: it is almost square in shape the sides of the morning and evening are slightly longer than the other two, about sixty meters long. Built with the usual pebbled material, to the village, without any regularity, in addition to the walls still presents how much chipped the four small circular towers of the corners, and the keep that rises on the entrance door at midday. Like others of these castles, it has been transformed into a bell tower and unfortunately plastered, while some houses suffocate it, as well as alter the overall view of the curtains. In a box there are traces of fresco with a coat of arms (you can see a double-headed eagle of German taste). The history of this castle is similar to that of the two neighbors: perhaps because of its position and its little strategic importance it was less targeted and could be kept longer.

Carzago Castle of Calvagese Lake Garda

Historical sources : Fausto Lechi “Le dimore bresciane”