Castle of Castel Venzago

Castle of Castel Venzago no longer exists, but it was an ancient and important castle in the area, located on a small hill

Castle of Castel Venzago is described by Fausto Lechi in his “Dimore Bresciane”: “There are no more vestiges of the ancient castle of which there are very ancient memories; it seems that many of the houses that make up today’s village are built on the foundations of the ancient castle. In the Middle Ages it had to have some importance because in 1241-42 it was conquered and destroyed by Federico II. Of this “castrum Venzagi” there is a copious history linked to the fate of the Boccacci family. This family, of which we have very ancient news, was among the most eminent of the Bishop-Count’s valvassors. At the time of the bishop Berardo Maggi they were already invested with the fief of Castel Venzago; in the XIV century they took part in the internal struggles until, with the advent of Pandolfo Malatesta, having favored the enterprise of Facino Cane, their fate changed and the decadence began. In 1412 the mayor of Brescia, in the name of Pandolfo declared them rebels; they fled to the Veronese and then tried to return and conquer Desenzano, Rivoltella and Castel Venzago. Rejected, all their goods were confiscated and divided between the Marquis of Mantua and the Municipality of Lonato, who then bought the part of the Gonzagas for 950 gold ducats. During the ephemeral lordship of Filippo Maria Visconti (1419-1426) the Ghibellines regained vigor and also the Boccacci reconquered Castel Venzago and held it until 1440. The Municipality of Lonato, however, did not give up and a long dispute arose which was resolved for the benefit of Lonato; meanwhile the Boccacci had given substance to their possessions, already shaken by so many troubles.

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