Castle of Tignale

The name betrays the Lombard origin of the site: it was a small guard (wart = guard) belonging to that complex of Lombard defenses that under the name of “fines sermionenses” affected the whole lake and the basin of the Mincio.

Castle of Tignale: In the oldest part of the town, in the district still today called Castello, built on a rocky spur that from the plateau protrudes to the south, dividing the valley of Aer from that of Gardola, you can see the remains of a mighty building with powerful walls and stone grease-proofs that clearly distinguishes itself from the modest constructions that surround it. On the upstream side of the path you can see a powerful portal formed by large and rustic boulders (singular the architrave formed by a single semicircular block) walled in the back age. It is flanked by a rudimentary loophole, also formed by stone boulders that faces the area of the Santa Libera pass. On the opposite side of the lane, towards midday, the building has a large uneven wall on the ground floor in which two doors open with the sides and the architraves made of large boulders like the previous one. Perhaps the jambs, over time, were arranged in a more regular shape. We would have no doubt attributing this rough and heavy construction to the period of the Lombards.

Historical sources: Fausto Lechi “Dimore Bresciane”

Castle of TignaleCastle of Tignale – foto asar