Church of Santa Cristina

The church of Santa Cristina from Bolsena is located in the district of Borgosotto,

on the right bank of the River Churches, it is already mentioned in a Papal document of Lucius III in 1182 as part of the pieve of Saint Pancras and included in the scope of the “square” that enclosed the area along the road to Brescia in the north and the River Churches in the East.

During the archaeological excavations conducted by the Archaeological Group Montichiari (GAM) have been discovered along the south wall of the church of multiple graves containing the remains of the medieval period of thirty individuals and, between the material covered and filled the graves, were found fragments of frescoes dating back to the twelfth century, then antecedents those in the pieve of Saint Pancras; it follows that the church of Santa Cristina at that time already had to have a religious role.
The small church of Santa Cristina still has a religious role for the locals here who annually celebrate the festival dedicated to the saint.