Church Saint Ambrogio in castle

Inside the castle there is an ancient church dating from the 12th century, then also dependent on the parish church of Santa Maria

Church of Saint Ambrogio in castle, documented in the first half of the 12th century in a brief recordationis of Polirone (Regestum Mantuanum, n. 278), reconstructed starting from 1509, it is remembered in the pastoral visit of 1541. It is located in a sector of the castle which, judging from the map of the Napoleonic land register, seems to refer to a fourth phase of fortification. The first (XI-XII century?) probably corresponds to a first nucleus with a rectangular structure and houses distributed on the rows; the second, with the lower part of the tower on the entrance, assignable to the XIII century on the basis of the angulated rusticated stone, sees a slight enlargement; the third, in the 14th-15th century for the sharp-edged lowered arches, involves the doubling of the castle towards the south, the addition of a rivellino at the entrance, the enlargement of the north-west corner connected to the ravelin and the raising of the tower ; only at
 fourth, from the beginning of the sixteenth century, when the castle had lost its military function, it seems to refer, in addition to the church, to the construction of five lots of houses on the north-east side. A fifth phase, finally, involved the nineteenth-century interventions of demolition of the internal bodies and the construction of new buildings on the north and west side, destined to barracks.

Historical source G.P. Brogiolo: “The medieval churches of Garda Brescia”