Church San Lorenzo in castello

The church San Lorenzo in castello took the place of the previous church of San Giacomo and will in turn be supplanted in the sixteenth century by that of Santa Maria outside the castle.

Church San Lorenzo in castello is described by Gian Pietro Brogiolo: “a small medieval church with a single hall with a semicircular apse, built in split stones arranged in regular courses almost close to the castle’s inner walls; there is a short section of the perimeter walls, inside the apsidal basin with a splayed window and a sawtooth attic frame; internally it is decorated with a cycle of three-fifteenth-century frescoes” and of the succession of the parish churches in the Middle Ages he writes again: “The Pieve of Pozzolengo, cum capellis et decimis, it is attested for the first time in the privilege issued by Eugene III in 1145 in favor of the Bishop of Verona …. . The pastoral visit of 1530 refers to the original pieve of San Giacomo, which stood in the countryside, jurisdiction later transferred to the church of San Lorenzo in the castle, on which depended the chapels of Santa Maria, built outside the castle, and of Sant’Anastasio.”

Church San Lorenzo in castello Pozzolengo