House Foresti Montanari

House Foresti Montanari is a beautiful 16th century building located in Borgo sotto, the original residential nucleus of the city of Montichiari, separated from the outside by a high wall, an internal garden.

House Foresti Montanari: Beautiful house with a very harmonious line of the XVI century. It has a portico with four arches with slender columns with jonic capitals; above it a wide band with brick lozenges, another band, then the simple windows of which one, the central one, with a later wrought iron little podium; and finally the high ceiling with round windows interspersed with painted folders in the early eighteenth century, surmounted by a beautiful stucco cornice, made of many elements, including an egg-shaped one. The ancient staircase opened on the right end of the façade and was half outside; where it enters the building has a characteristic wooden ceiling with squares and high on the small balcony a fresco with the B.V. and the Child, a little weak. From the gallery we entered the gallery with painted rafters. On the ground floor there were two rooms of which the vaulted and barrel vaults are still visible; one of them is today partitioned and the other painted with fantasy recently. In the upstream there is a large stone fireplace with a coat of arms in the middle: split to the three-band spreading eagle. Next to the initials M-F. On the south side of the courtyard lies the characteristic portico for services (barchesse).

Historical sources Fausto Lechi, “Dimore Bresciane, in cinque secoli di storia”