House Mazzucchelli

Next to the grandiose eighteenth-century villa stands this most ancient building, reduced by Mazzucchelli to rustic court, but at one time certainly “courtious as a patron”.

House Mazzucchelli: In it there is still a remarkable side in the evening with a portico of seven wide arches supported by rather low stone pillars, surmounted by an elegant couple of equal number of arches but with lighter and slender columns. Even in these constructions evidently of simple “marengon de muro” the laws of harmony are spontaneously observed.

In 1723 the Mazzucchelli declared to own also a house with court “garden and church” for our use, bought by Giuliano Paratico. In 1641 he wrote: “in Virle house of the mountain of Ciliverghe in the countryside, a casamento of three local territories (few for this building) bordering the road upstream and the rest I … Contiguous Church with obligation of Mass perpetual left by Marcantonio Maggi brother-in-law “.

The place was called “mount of Ciliverghe” for that nearby hill, but the house is “in the countryside” not on the mountain (which was all other owners, the Appiani), but at his feet so probably this house was Paratico and it came to them from his wife Paola Maggi. Di Giuliano Paratico we have already said; then this house belonged to his sons who sold it to Mazzucchelli. We must instead say something about the Maggi that certainly were builders. They descended from Galeazzo, one of the sons of Maffeo. On the beginning of the sixteenth century lived in S. Giulia, rented by Nicodemus Moro, Frederick (born. 1470) q. Cristoforo di Mazi descended from the aforementioned Galeazzo. Marcantonio, son of Federico, who had been banned later amnestied, married Caterina Luzzago q. Francesco and had Federico (born.1564) and Piero (born.1580) (perhaps by his second wife Caterina Pavonni). Marcantonio and Paola were the last of this branch very easily from Federico and from Piero. Paola married Giuliano Paratico and M. Antonio left the house of Virle to his nephews. They sold it to Mazzucchelli.


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