Lake Lucone Archaeological Site

Lake Lucone Archaeological Site

pile dwelling site in Valtenesi

Lake Lucone Archaeological Site: It is believed that it was founded in 2033 BC And after a fire, rebuilt in 1985a.C. And then existed for another two hundred years; The area was covered by Lucone’s small lake, reclaimed in 1458, in the nineteenth century the area was already in the studios of Giuseppe Solitro but the excavations were only started in 1965 by the group “Grotte Gavardo” which is able to shed light on a large Portion of the site with various archaeological finds of great importance. The excavations were resumed in 2005, always by the Grotte Gavardo group under the supervision of the Superintendence of Archaeological Heritage of Lombardy, and in 2007 under the responsibility of the Civic Archaeological Museum of Gavardo. The site is part of the same culture as Lavagnone, near Desenzano del Garda, but instead of being a big village, it is divided into five small villages, in a state of great conservation thanks to the fire itself. The digging continues several times with the increase in the area concerned and the setting up of a covered area so that it can operate in all seasons. The site has been included among the twenty-five areas of Italian interest in UNESCO.

Lake Lucone Polpenazze Archaeological Site