Monastery of San Vigilio

The monastery dedicated to San Vigilio is also of medieval origin in the Pozzolengo countryside.

In the countryside, not far from San Martino, the monastery of San Vigilio was founded in 1132, subjected to the monks of Vallombrosa by Pope Innocent II (1130-1143).

During pastoral visits in 1530 and 1532 it is remembered as a simple church, property of the Trinity monastery in Verona
  but dependent on the parish of Rivoltella. Of the Romanesque structure remain a rectangular building built of pebbles with square stones at the corners, the perimeter of the church with a single hall, restored in Neo-Gothic style at the end of the 19th century, and the bell tower. This has a base in uncertain work with squared stones at the corners on which it then sets a masonry brick until the belfry with mullioned windows. The superelevation with a molded crown in bricks and destined for the upper part of a dovecote and “passerera” is probably from 1481, when the portico that joins the church to the rectangular building is also built.

Historical sources G.P. Brogiolo