Palace Carpeneda

Palace Carpeneda is next to the church of San Giovanni Battista on the road that comes from the main square.

Palace Carpeneda it is a severe seventeenth-century one-story building over the ground floor. The stone portal is completely eccentric opening to the far north, near the facade of the parish church; below, on the ground floor, there are seven windows with beautiful wrought iron railings and stone shelves under the windowsills. The windows on the first floor have simple stone frames, but a nice corner balcony supported by corbels gives a tone of elegance to the whole façade. On Via Gaspari opens another rusticated portal. Inside there are, on the ground floor, three rooms full of stucco decorations, very interesting. In the first large scrolls and stylized leaves of full seventeenth-century Baroque; in the second similar decoration but with a central and oval medallion with fresh landscapes on the doors; in the third, the most charged, as a fantastic crescendo, with putti, busti, of characters and the abduction of Ganimende in the central medallion. In the seventeenth century Lonato (being a fortress) and the neighboring area were of absolute interference with the military authority of the Republic, and therefore the Brescian families did not enter it. We do not know who this beautiful house was built from; it was the Bondoni, then the Tomasi and finally the Carpeneda, current owners, all notable local families.

Palace Carpeneda Lonato del Gardafoto pierbet

Historical sources: Fausto Lechi