Palace Gonzaga – Cavriani

Palace Gonzaga – Cavriani was built in the mid-fifteenth century by Ludovico Gonzaga,

Marquis of Mantua, as a country house; in the building were reused parts of existing buildings as the tower and part of the walls protecting the village. In 1515 the building was donated to Ludovico Warriors that enlarges and restructures; in the mid-nineteenth century goes to the family of Gonzaga Bishopric and then to the family Cavriani in 1929; ultimately became the owner the City of Volta Mantovana in the eighties and destined to the town hall. The building outside the norms of the time, the fa├žade is not symmetrical and the stone portal is not centered in the front even if equipped with the two classic file windows, then stand three large chimneys that rise above the roof. Inside Palazzo Gonzaga on the ground floor and the first floor is the rooms with frescoes, among the most interesting ones of the vault of the old chapel of Our Lady, which are believed to be of Teodoro Ghisi (artist in the circle of Giulio Romano) and those of neoclassical ballroom; other note fine wooden ceilings decorated, some dating back to the sixteenth century.


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