Villa Forlati – Ca’Zenobia

Villa Forlati called Cà Zenobia

it is one of the villas of Sommacampagna that preserves the walls parts dating back to the Romanesque (XII-XIII century). It was rebuilt in the Gothic period, and enlarged in the sixteenth century.

The villa is named after its former owner, architect Ferdinand Forlati (Superintendent of Monuments of the Eastern Veneto 1935-1952) who during the thirties had a hand in giving him again a complex unity. The original part of the complex is believed to date back to the fifteenth century but after many changes, transformations and additions. The facade faces south, has a frieze under the eaves and various parts of marble; originally the villa had to have both a function of residence manor farmhouse, with the second floor used as a granary. Inside are interesting frescoes, those in the bedroom, have been attributed to Paul Farinati here represents an alternation of architectural images and scenes with figures, popular method in the Venetian villas of that period; other frescoes of the same period, but for which you do not know the author is present in the large living room with painted wooden ceiling.

Guided tours to Villa Forlati are possible during the first Monday and Tuesday of the month, during the Week of Culture and the European Heritage Days

Timetable: 10.00 – 12.00 am and 3.00 pm – 5.00 pm