Church of St Thomas

The church of St Thomas in Montichiari

already existed in the twelfth century and it is assumed he was next to the building of Longhi, owners at that time of at least one part of the fortifications on the hill; It was subject to the parish of San Pancrazio and was demolished with the construction of the castle by Count Gaetano Bonoris. The Romanesque church of St Thomas had strong walls and protruding substantially from the eastern shore of the hill with a good part of the nave and ended with a large semicircular apse that had a high base in ashlar stone well wrought; next to the church there was a large rectangular building that occupied the height of the natural slope of the hill forming at least four levels, and by assuming that it was the palace of the Counts Longhi, owners in the twelfth century of a “pulchrum et magnum Pallatium”.

Here is a hypothetical reconstruction of the plant of the fortification of the village in red and green with the castle, in the right position of the church of St Thomas and the adjacent Palace of the Counts Longhi