Parish church S.Maria Assunta

The church is located in Gardola was the ancient parish present in a bull of Pope Urban III released in Verona in 1187 in which confirms a previous privilege of the bishop of Trento Giovanni and, before 1187, there are two bishops from Trentino with that name : one lived in the Lombard age, the second around 900.

The parish church of S.Maria Assunta had jurisdiction over a territory that extended from Tignale to Valvestino, where various Roman testimonies were found. The present parish church of Santa Maria Assunta is the result of four main construction phases that probably begin in the early Middle Ages, then a Romanesque phase for the apse and the bell tower, in the XVII century the apse and the nave and finally the reconstruction of part of the building in 1954; (a) a first medieval church with a single hall with a probably circular apse and a separate baptistery dedicated to the Baptist. This installation, prior to Bishop John, could be from the sixth century; b) the Romanesque reconstruction of the apse to which is added the bell tower; (c) the reconstruction of the apse in the ‘600 with subsequent enlargement of the nave to incorporate the baptistery; (d) the partial reconstruction of the church in 1954.