Tracagni ancient families of Salò

Ancient families of Salò

Tracagni: Among the first to be known there is a Scipione, a lawyer of the sixteenth century, then a Carmelite father Marco; in 1603 a Fabio, a nunzio Salodiano in Venice. In the 16th century a Scipione stands out for its value in the 1570 Cyprus settlement; the family is subsequently rewarded with the title of duke, transmissible to the males, a title given to Giacomo by Doge Pisani with Ducale dated 2 April 1740. Scipione was born from Giacomo, who was Andrea’s father: his wife Lucia Sartori had eight children: Scipione; Fabio; Emilio; Andrew; Claudia in Albertini; Camilla in Parisini; Maria in de ‘Zinis; Rosa in the Mountains. Fabio from his wife Filomena Piro had: Lucia in Gritti;

Fausto Lechi, “Dimore Bresciane, in cinque secoli di storia”: “The Tracagni family is an ancient family of Salò and therefore the major news related to it must be sought in that city. In Brescia, in the esteem, there is only a Paolo Emilio (born. 1573) q. Etc. Dom. Fausto, a citizen of Brescia with his wife Isabetta and many sons, two of them males: Fausto (born. 1610) and Silvio (born. 1618). He lives in a breda in the Bottonaga district south of the “royal” road that goes to the Orzes. After this brief appearance of a few decades in Brescia, the family had to return to Salò, where it had its greatest interests. Today the family, which owned the famous Contracania in S. Martino della Battglia, and only conserves this house in Salò, has moved to Rome.