Delai family

Historical Brescian families and of the Riviera of the Magnifica Patria

The Delai family, Fausto Lechi in its “Dimore bresciane, cinque secoli di storia”, writes us: “This family, which from the patronymic name of Delaio formed in the seventeenth century the new surname, was called in the sec. XVI Assandri and came from the village of Pulcino under Gaino di Toscolano. They were first cartieri in that little valley so rich in noble memories in the art of printing and Vespasiano is the first that appears in the sixteenth century as the creator of the fortune of the family, luck that was increased by Giulio (1635-1698) arms supplier to the Republic from Venice. In that century Alexander also distinguished himself as an officer in the imperial army under the emperor Leopold I. After him the family was awarded the title of Count of S.R.I. In the century XVIII is worth mentioning Domenico, a literate man and in an amicable relationship with Cardinal Querini and also Carlo and Vincenzo who were ambassadors of the Riviera del Garda at the central government of Venice. In addition to their career they also worked in the Camerate. In the second half of the eighteenth century the family had a marked decline in fortune and at the end of the century they sold the paper mill of Maina to the Veronesi since the last of the Vespasiano family q. Giulio died almost in need during the last century. The paper mill then passed to the Emmer, the Maffizzoli and finally to Donzelli. The Delai also owned a villa of the century. XVII called the palace in the Archesane valley, small convent of Campiglio. Today the building is owned by Mrs. Camossi Zani, who is taking care of its restoration “.