House Gritti Tracagni

Characteristic architectural elements of the XV-XVI-XVII centuries that are found along the buildings of the historical center of what was the capital of the Magnifica Patria

House Gritti Tracagni: (XVII century) “As soon as you enter the northern gate of the city, on the left there is a gate with pilasters, in stone of the mid-nineteenth century, but, after a descent, the old seventeenth-century house is rebuilt and repainted in the romantic period. Under the three-arched door the vault is completely painted in perspective with columns and balustrades; in the center a medallion in which Pomona flies among cupids. In the courtyard are interesting balconies with iron lozenge railings and the two watch dials on the midday wall; on the balconies there are doors and windows with stone jambs with a cantilever base. Near the staircase, stuck in the wall, a capital rest of the XV century (perhaps imitation?) With a human head and the motto: DONEC FATA AUGENT: as long as fate will want. Next to it, at the top of a small door arch, a coat of arms with a leafy daisy at the base of the stem. Coming back under the portico, on the right as you enter, an almost square door opens with the architrave supported by shelves, in the middle of which a coat of arms, left, on the first palate and on the second full, and on the whole a head in profile facing the side right of the shield, dominated by a colomaba with the olive branch in its beak. On the architrave, on the sides of the emblem, the motto DEO DUCE.

Historical sources Fausto Lechi, “Dimore Bresciane, in cinque secoli di storia”